Friday, December 6, 2013

My Enemy is My Friend

My Enemy is My Friend


Often times we look at our enemies in a questioning way. Why Lord, do we have to endure this person? Why Lord, does this person hate me so? Why Lord, do I have to go through this?

But what if we looked at our enemies in such a way that we viewed them as our friends? Friends come in many different forms after all. We have family that we consider friends and friends we consider family. We have new friends and old friends. There are friends that we consider acquaintances because we don’t know them very well. We also have work friends, furry friends, adult friends, young friends, and the list could go on and on. The truth is we have so many different types of friends that we label differently.

In the pop culture world there is a term called, frenemies.

Definition (a)-This is a term used for someone that you can get along with but also have to keep close in order to watch them so they don’t do something behind your back. A clever term for the old saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

This term I believe can be applied to an enemy of the Lord and therefore an enemy to you. All it takes is adding another definition below the previous one.

Frenemy. (b) A person or thing, seen or unseen that is intent on causing harm to a particular person but causes beneficial gain in the process.

You see, with every experience, good or bad, births wisdom in some form. Our enemies may try and hurt us and may even succeed in doing so, but we are always helped by these experiences. 

God allows and uses every experience we go through to better mold us and the more experiences we get, the wiser God allows us to become. So when our enemy tries to lure us in or even successfully does and injures us in some way, we have gained the knowledge for next time and can successfully thwart the enemies’ attempt.

Now with each gained experience the enemy will always try and get you another way, maybe something similar or something completely different, but through a relationship in Christ, which almost always strengthens through conflict, we become more intelligible and a seer of trouble ahead. Through Christ and the prior knowledge we gain through our previous battleswe can often gain the knowledge of the enemies plan to attack ahead of time and make wise decisions to skip it all together.

Granted God sometimes withholds the knowledge in an effort to teach us something more important that we will only learn through an attack rather than side stepping it all together, but for the times that He allows us the opportunity to see and turn away from trouble, the knowledge to do so only comes from Him and our previous experiences with the enemy.

So when the enemy attacks & we are pushed to go to God, we gain valuable experience that allows us to grow in wisdom, creating smarter choices and when we can help it, better happier lives. 

It doesn’t matter if the enemy successfully attacks or tries to and we stop it with the help of our Lord and Savior, we always learn something from all these experiences. God knows this, which is why He allows our lives to be enriched through the trials and tribulations brought on by our friend, the enemy. Our frenemy.

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