Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Traditions

The weather outside is windy

A front blowing in brings with it the expectations of joy this season
Almost everyone down the street is putting up lights
A man in the store where we were contemplating which lights to buy
Stopped and had about a 20 min conversation with us
What an everyday tradition I grew up with that I haven’t experienced in a while
Talking to strangers in the store or check out line
Was sort of a norm for generations back
Corbin is at the point in life where he enjoys the lights now
He wants them on all the time
Oh how wonderful it is
That  Christmas brings out the child in those of us
Who choose to enjoy it
I still like to lay under the tree while it is lit up and the lights in the house are off
And watch the lights twinkle and smell the pine
I can’t wait for Corbin to get a little bigger so we can make this a tradition
& hoping every year, while we lay under that lighted tree
That Texas will get below freezing with expectations of rain
So maybe it will snow
& on Christmas morning
Really early before anyone else
I like to go outside in my pj’s wrapped up in a blanket
And drink coffee

Nothing is better than wrapping up snug and sitting in the cold with a warm beverage
This too, I hope to do with Corbin when he starts waking up before me
In anticipation of opening gifts on Christmas morning
Sitting outside first
Me with my coffee and him with hot cocoa
The wonderful traditions we have or we start making in life are amazing
For each holiday we celebrate or birthday we rejoice in
Other than a select few day to day ones
These are the memories we tend to remember most
& others tend to get a glimpse of

Do you want them to see the you
In the store with a cart full of gifts and an attitude that shows anything but good holiday cheer?
Or do you want them to see the you
Who has bought gifts but is more excited to tell of celebrating the birth of Jesus

Think of life through how many Christmases we will have to enjoy
With our family & friends
I want every holiday to be viewed in the right kind of joy it should be
Christ, Family, Friends, Love for others
All of which are a blessing on ourselves and others
I hope I rear Corbin in the right mind set
Even though we will watch all the good old Christmas cartoon specials
Especially the original Grinch
& when this materialistic world throws slashed prices his way

I want him to remember that
Just like you can’t buy someone’s love on Valentine’s Day
You also can’t buy happiness, tradition, or love on Christmas
Gifts are more about the giving than the getting
There is a reason for this gift giving
Celebrating the birth of Christ
Just like we celebrate birthdays
There is a reason hearts fill with joy during Christmas
A divinely given joy from our God
Our hearts soar because He came
A knowledge the heart and soul just know
Even if the mind isn’t made up yet

It is not the pumpkin spiced lattes or the apple cinnamon scents
It is not the songs or the weather
It is the remembrance of the great sacrifice
That transpired through the birth of our Savior
That brings on that joy 

I want Corbin to remember that always
Once I am gone and he is rearing his own family
To be an example for his future children
As well as for others who are watching him
Make no mistake that the world we live in right now is a blessing
Not far from now
The reason for this season will not be allowed or celebrated
It will become harder for Christians to worship
& Christmas will soon become a shopping holiday it is already on its way to becoming

Let us not grow weary though
Let us continue to pray that our Lord holds off a little longer
That through extra time we can help bring more people to Him
Especially by using the way we celebrate Christmas for the reasons we should
Telling all the good news of Christ’s birth and how He died to save us.

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