Friday, January 17, 2014

God's Road Signs

Persue short term goals with God.
You never know where you will end up
If you focus too much on the end result of where God wants you
Your tunnel vision will keep you from seeing what's on the side of the road.

The pit stops of life are where we actually learn from God
& the end result is our reward
Don't mix up your priorities
Learning from God through doing the small stuff
Is more important than getting the big stuff

I have found that doing the small stuff given to me from God
Has been much more enriching than the actual reward I thought I wanted
& the journey through the small stuff
Allows me to rest and reboot my tired body
While keeping me alert to others and not just my own travel plans

The small stuff gets us ready
They prepare us for what is to come
You cannot pop from point A to point B
Instead you need to travel, in some form, from one to the other

Some people journey long before reaching the person God intends them to be
Feet tired and unrested before finding their place and job in Him
The hardest journey prepares us for the hardest jobs
That's not to say, of course
That a short journey can not be a hard one

Some people have a jump to make
That is completed with help of the Holy Spirit
To go from one place to the other in a very short time
Because God needed them to be ready
So he prepared them for the near future

But still, there is the jump
It didn't just happen
& it wouldn't of happened, either way
If these people didn't glance away from their end goal
To get a glimpse at God's perfect goal

Sitting on the sidelines
Waiting to be discovered
Like a treasure in the desert
Waiting to be uncovered

How will you ever reach any end goal,
That end reward,
If you don't look away & to the side for God's road signs?

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